Dil Nawaz Aplus Drama Cast, Story, Timings and Schedule

A-Plus is a full fledge entertainment channel and along with Indian and Turkish drama serial, the entertainment channel has also played some big Pakistani hits of drama series on the screen. These days another drama serial “Dil Nawaz” is about to on air on the screen of A-Plus. “Dil Nawaz” and “Jaag utha sheetan” appears to be of the same category and it is good to see some unusual supernatural phenomenon in these upcoming dramas.

Dil Nawaz on A-Plus TV

Cast and Crew

ICE media and Entertainment present the production of Aijaz Aslam “Dil Nawaz”. The Drama is written by Syed Nabeel and directed by Najaf Bilgarami. Main lead role in the drama is being played by Neelam Munir as she is the central character of the story. Minal Khan and Wahaj are also main parts of this supernatural drama. The other characters are played by ZQ (Zainab Qayyum), Waseem Abbas, Nida Mumtaz and Humeira Bano. The legendary actor Waseem Abbas already played a tremendous role in the horror/thriller/mystery drama “Kala Jadu”.


The drama “Dil Nawaz” seems to be a horror, paranormal love story. It is a great change to see that our directors and producers are accepting the script from the writers that are different and is not only a simple love story but with the existence of a supernatural entity. As right now much is not disclosed about the story of the drama but the posters and some posts from the crew of the drama reveal the idea of the drama. The director Najaf Bilgrami shared “If they love you to death. It appears to be a love story but with some twist of the presence of supernatural phenomenon in their lives.

Timing & Schedule

It is one of the most awaited upcoming dramas because of its uniqueness of being a love story while keeping the supernatural aspect in it. The need of good horror/thriller dramas in Pakistani television industry makes people wait for such drama when they are about to air. No schedule or timing is yet being shared by A-Plus or any other representative or production house. The only word about this drama is “Coming Soon”.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait in the deep dark room with lights closed for these upcoming mysterious supernatural thrillers which will make our heart stop beating.