Gumraah Hum Tv Drama Cast, Story, Timings and Schedule

Drama serial “Gumraah” is on the list of dramas of the new season just started on Hum Television. As the last season drama serials are ending up, the new ones are in the queue to get started and “Gumraah” is one of them. Momina Duraid production has already given many tremendous hits on HUM Tv including Humsafar, Bin Roye, Man Mayal, Dil Banjara, ALif ALLAH aur Insaan, Yaqeen ka safar and many many mores. The reputation and track record is predicting that Gumraah is also going to be a big hit on Hum Tv in the upcoming days.

Gumraah Hum tv


The Plot of the drama serial “Gumraah” which is about to telecast in upcoming days on HUM Tv is yet to be disclosed. But the trailers reveal that the story revolves around the character played by Hina Altaf, who is a bubbly girl and wants to enjoy life by taking quick short steps of life. Also the fresh and stunning get up of Faisal Rehman is absolutely overwhelming. According to an interview Of Hina

According to an interview Of Hina Altaf “I’m done with crying and playing the damsel in distress and so when this script came to me. I said yes because I know this is going to give me a greater margin to perform and give my audience some variety. I’m positive the audience is going to appreciate this character too. Because it’s vampish and very different from what I’ve been doing so far. My character ends up marrying her rich best friend’s father on her own terms, so you can imagine what will go on therein,”.

Cast and Crew:

The upcoming most awaited drama serial “Gumraah’ consists of beautiful star cast including Faisal Rehman, Sabreen Hisbani, Komal Aziz Khan, Hammad Farooqi and Hina Altaf. The silver screen viewers are anxiously waiting to watch this drama serial as Faisal Rehman and Sabreen Hisbani are big names in drama industry of Pakistan and already gave many hits previously. Sabreen Hisbani is an elegant and charming actress who did many strong and versatile roles and made a mark in the huge drama industry which is full of glamorous celebrities.

It is expected that this role is also going to be a different one like before. The fresh, innocent and charming face of Hina Altaf has already won hearts of many viewers. She is the upcoming Diva of the Pakistani drama industry and already played magnificent and versatile roles in a number of drama serials. This drama is directed by Saima Waseem and written by Malik Khuda Buksh

Timing And Schedule:

The drama serial Gumraah is the production of Momina Duraid and will be broadcast on HUM TV in coming days. The exact date and time of drama are yet to be announced but most probably it will be played in the slot of 8.00pm to 9.00pm once in a week.