Laal Ishq – APlus New Drama Cast, Story, Timings and Schedule

The entertainment channel Aplus is about to telecast the much-awaited drama serial “Laal Ishq” as it is a sequel to the superhit drama “Landa Bazaar” which was on aired almost 15 years ago on Prime Entertainment (STN) and was utterly loved by the audience at that time. The trend of seasons and sequels are not new in the international entertainment industry but for Pakistani Drama industry, yes it is. This is the biggest reason that people are curious and waiting to see that how successful the writer and director will be in generating the magic once again.

Plot & Story

The drama serial “Lal Ishq” is a sequel to “Landa Bazar”. The drama “Landa Bazaar” was a super hit drama of its time. About 15 years ago, Babar Ali played the role of Bali, who was the main character and a criminal in the inner Lahore who struggled to live and parallel to the criminal nature his love life was also portrayed with his Fiancé Zohra, the character was played by Farah Shah.

Now in the sequel after 15 years, Baali is back and is more entangled in the underworld of crime and still, his struggle continues about keeping the balance in his criminal life and personal life. The drama is full of anger, emotions, sensations, love, hate, and suspense.

In his interview with Dawn new, the writer Khalil-ur- Rehman said,” "It has a few characters from the original but there is whole new plot and hook to the play but this is surely very close to my heart,” He also shared that it was very difficult to make a sequel after 15 years as many things in society has changed today but still it will carry the charisma of the old Landa Bazaar with new look and responsibilities of old characters.

Cast and Crew

The cast of the upcoming new drama serial “Lal Ishq” includes legendary stars of Pakistani drama industry like Tauqeer Nasir, Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Babar Ali and Kashif Mehmood. Apart from the return of original characters from the drama serial “Landa Bazaar”, the upcoming drama will be a debut drama for son of writer Khalil-ur- Rehman, Turab Khalil and the other new stars include Arsalan Mehmood and Faryal Mehmood
The rich cast of the drama “Lal Ishq” is a big attraction for the audience to watch this drama. The drama is written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and directed by Dilawar Malik.

Timing & Schedule

The promotion of the drama is at its peak. It appears that this drama is going to be on air in almost a month but nothing can be said accurately as it is not announced by the Aplus entertainment that on which days and in what time slot this drama will be on aired for the viewers. Much is expected from this drama and it is most awaited drama serial as the audience want to embark the old magic with modernity.