List of Upcoming Pakistani Movies Released on 14 August 2017

List of Upcoming Pakistani Movies Releases on 14 August 2017, Pakistan’s film industry has vastened a lot over the past few years. New and fresh directors and producers have given a new life to our dead cinemas altogether by bringing new topics and fresh faces. three Upcoming Pakistani Movies Geo Sar Utha kay, Azaadi and Jhol Released on (independence day) 14 August 2017, They have undoubtedly revolutionized our film industry and given its a new edge by adding value to our movies and make them worth watching… certainly,

this is the kind of quality our local audiences have been waiting for quite a long time. By doing this, film makers have been successful enough to bring the audiences back in silver screens of cinemas. now, there are lots and lots of movies to be hitting our nearest cinemas soon, but few of them are releasing this 14th August 2017. Let us just give you a brief insight to these releases;

1. Geo Sar Utha kay:

One of the movies to be released is “Geo Sar Utha Kay”, which is both produced and directed by Nadeem Cheema. Through its cover page and trailer, it seems more like a true depiction of patriotism. The movies revolve around its dramatic yet at the same time thrilling genre. The movie is all set for its release this independence day. The script line of the movie seems strong enough to catch the attention of huge audience line, whereas the casting includes the famous Babar Ali, Umar Cheema, Yasir Khan, Shehryar heema and the legendary actor Shafqat Cheema. So… let’s just sit back, relax and look forth to see what’s in store for us in the movie!

Geo Sar Utha kay

2. Azaadi:

Another entry to our list in lieu of patriotism is none other than “Azaadi”. The genre of the movie is action, drama along with a pinch of romance. The movie has been directed by Imran Malik; the son of legendary director Pervez Malik. The star cast of the movie includes the dashing Moammar Rana, the beautiful Sonya Hussain, Nadeem Baig and Javed Sheikh. Few of the songs from this epic movie is out there and sounds pretty melodious. The pretty face of Sonya Hussain gives entirely a fresh look to the movie.


3. Jhol:

“Jhol” is another movie to be released this August 2017… which is certainly to look forward to. Altogether a new fresh start was taken by Shahid Shafqat, the director of the movie. who just stepped in this venture and aims to make it a big one! This is going to be his directional debut along with the collaborated efforts of the production team of Hamza Ansari and Hassaan Azher under the production umbrella of Epiction Films.

The movie is going to be a jam-packed fun, with its action and comedy genre. Whereas; the star cast includes our very own rock star Ali Azmat, the hunk Bilal Ashraf and the most amazingly Urwa Hoccane. Other than that; the film comes with a surprise in store for us; where Bilal Ashraf has managed to convince and roped up to play his mother’s role by none other than the legendary beauty “Babra Sharif”. The movie is going to be out soon under the umbrella of IMGC Global entertainment.