Mujhe Jeene Do – Urdu1 Drama Cast, Story, Timings and Schedule

The upcoming new drama “Mujhay Jeenay Doh” is coming soon on Urdu 1. People love the power pack dramas of the 8.00pm slot on Urdu 1. This new drama seems to touch many serious issues which have been made an integral element of our culture and society. On the other hand, the drama story seems to educate people about their rights. It is very important for our writers and directors to focus on social issues instead of just writing and directing the old love stories and focusing the evil characters of a family which ultimately ends up in breaking the relations and whole families.

People want to watch something that shows them the face of our actual society and bring in some hope to change the society. If such issues are addressed in dramas and solutions are advised through the screen, people would definitely take some step and change their life accordingly. It seems that media and drama industry can play a major role in educating the people of Pakistan in many ways which will make a healthy and educated nation.

Plot & Story

The story of the drama mainly highlights the issue of child marriage in our society. The story starts with the story of an eight-year- old young girl named “Saira” and shows her life till she gets eighteen. The child marriage raises many issues in the family and in the village. The story revolves around many characters and how life and events change them but the core concept is about child marriage and the difficulties faced by the girls and the family in the society. Due to this single issue many other issues evoke and end up murdering different relations in the society.

Cast & Crew

The super stars of TV screen are acting in this drama. The star cast involves tremendous actors like Gohar Rasheed and Mehreen Raheel, talented Nadia Jamil, beautiful Hania Amir, Raeed, Ali Tahir, versatile Sarmad Khoosat and many others. The drama is directed by the talented “Angeline Malik” and written by Shahid Nizami.

Timing & Schedule

The drama is going to be air on Urdu 1 but the day and time on which it is going to be telecast are still unknown. The teasers are very catching but they also end up with the tag of Coming Soon. So just wait and watch when it will be aired.