Top 10 Beautiful Couples of Pakistani Celebrities In 2017

List of Top 10 Beautiful Couples of Pakistani Celebrities In 2017, In recent times; we have seen and experienced the changing trends… almost alike in every field of life. The entertainment industry of Pakistan has come out to be one amazing genre of our thematic entertainment for audiences at large. They certainly not only caters the Pakistani audiences but also aims to target the people sitting outside the country as well… as long as they understand our native language, well and good for our television medium. It has certainly got a lot of boosts lately, through their amazing productions, especially in terms of drama serials. Henceforth, it gave a chance to hundreds of talents out there in our country.

Our television celebrities pretty much live in the heart of every Pakistani, either because of their favorite character roles or their persona! However, they certainly have won our hearts. Lately, we have encountered many of them hooking up together and leaving the audiences with WOW factor. Let’s just have a look at some of the most amazing couples from our media industry;

10. Amina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza:

Yet another amazing and one of the beautiful couples are of the stunning Amina Sheikh, who married the charm of Pakistan television industry, Mohib Mirza. The audiences have been getting mesmerized through their amazing performances and acting skills in their respective drama series and they both are regarded as the most versatile in their league. Amina is pursuing her career as a serious model; whereas Mohib is also venturing in different areas of entertainment.

9. Aimal Khan and Muneeb:

Another one of the cutest couples is of Aimal and Muneeb. Though they have just exchanged the rings, they are soon going to get married as well. They both have started off their career through modeling and appearing for brand endorsements in a number of advertisements. Aimal and Muneeb then stepped into acting and got a chance to work together in few serials. Right from there; they suited themselves to each other’s liking and here they are seen bonded so well in love!

8. Nida and Yasir Nawaz:

Nida and Yasir are well known and well-established celebrities of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. They both have been seen in different areas. Nida has been working as a morning host, whereas Yasir has expanded his wings and has gone in the production and direction side of movies, where he is exploring his skills at the best! They both have never let their fans let down and always comes up with something new and exciting for the audiences to keep their fingers crossed and to look forward to…

7. Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli:

One of the most stunning couple around in our entertainment industry is Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli. They are certainly amongst the most stylish and hot couple in town! We all know Ali Zafar is the heartthrob rock star, whereas Ayesha was a host! They both hooked up together a few years back and till date always seen in their glowing looks!

6. Sunita Marshal and Hassan Ahmed:

Despite the religious differences; these two are one of the people around who knows how exactly to be together instead of all the differences. Sunita Marshal started off her career and stepped in the field of modeling industry first. She has always proved herself through her amazing skills and pursuing it ahead; she ventured into acting, where she also never let any of her director/producer or the audiences down. Hassan being from the same industry fell for her and now they are together from quite some time; making the best of everything and giving newlyweds some serious couple goals.

5. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah:

The famous drama Kankar star “Sanam Baloch” is one of the prettiest girls in our television industry. She started off her career through drama series and modeling in advertisements. She got married to this young hunk Abdullah, who has been linked with the same industry for quite some time. They book look super cute together and I certainly has to declare that the chemistry between them looks flawless.

4. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor:

These two come together to become the most beautiful couple in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. None of them had a background from this industry. They ventured in the showbiz fields all by themselves and proved their skills through extravagant and versatile roles they have played in television series. When came across; they fell for each other and decided to tie the knot and surely with a bet on; the world says this has to be their best decision ever! Ayeza took a break from television after her marriage and now have started appearing on small screen, whereas Danish is seriously taking his passion for acting ahead with signing up few movies.

3. Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza:

This has to be one of the most dashing couples to be seen around. They have the amazing chemistry together and complement each other really well. Sarwat and Fahad have two sons; one of them is recently born. They both are pursuing their careers in the entertainment industry of Pakistan and have given us some most amazing drama serials to be remembered forever.

2. Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari:

Second, on our list, we have another exciting young couple of Syra and Shehroz. They both are regarded as one of the cutest couples to be seen around. Shehroz came from acting background, being a son of most famous Kabacha “Behroz Sabzwari”. They got married last year and now have a beautiful little daughter, named Nooray. Syra and Shehroz, both have been showcasing their best of acting skills in television mediums earlier and have now tested their luck and fate on the silver screen. So, soon you’ll be watching them in their respective movies in times to come.

1. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed:

The most dashing and beautiful couple to be seen around in these days is none other than Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed. They recently got married in 2017 and since their official ceremony; they have been breaking all the records of couple goals all over. They are widely regarded as “Love birds” to be always seen together and making appearances together, wherever they go and travel. Their chemistry can easily be seen through their sparkling eyes and glow on their cheeks! Therefore, without a single doubt, they stand on number 1 position in our list.

The list doesn’t do justice with the beautiful couples since there are much more lined up in this lie. However, we will be seeing more of them in future hopefully… and in competition to enter the top tens list through their high couple goals and public appearances!