Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Pakistani Tv Actresses in 2017

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Pakistani Tv Actresses in 2017, Pakistan’s television industry is presently at its boom and it has without a single doubt given birth to many amazing stars! Not only actors but pretty and some stunning actresses as well… Pakistani beauty has recognized the world over due to its simplicity and compelling features. They have showcased the best of their acting skills on the television medium and are sure to be unstoppable. Here, we are highlighting some of the top 10 prettiest actresses from Pakistan’s entertainment industry. The list includes the following charms;

10. Ainy Jaffri:

Ainy Jaffri certainly has been regarded as one of the hottest and prettiest television stars. She has showcased her acting and modeling skills through extravagant performances. She has also starred in Pakistani movies, which have recently hit our blockbusters to be named as “Ballu Mahi” and “Main hoon Shahid Afridi”. She has recently got married and aims to continue to her showbiz career the same way.

9. Mawra Hocane:

One of the young hot entries in our top 10 list is Mawra Hocane. She has got all that the present generation is looking for as a complete package for entertainment. She is smart, stylish, sleek, trendy and very hot. You definitely can’t blink your eyes off her beautiful face when on aired on your television screens. She has appeared in the number of drama series, where “Ahista Ahista”, “Aik Tamana la hasil si” and “Nikhar gaye gulaab saray” are worth mentioning here. She has got eyes on her from the fashion industry world over. She has also performed in one of the Bollywood movies, where she has stunningly showcased her acting skills and is recognized as the brilliant emerging actress of our times.

8. Iman Ali:

She is one gem of a person and actress of Pakistani television industry. Though she is rarely seen around; since she is quite choosy in a selection of roles that she does… but still lives alive in the hearts of her fans world over. Along with that, she has been making sure of her presence through appearing for numerous brand endorsements. She is one stunning model who has performed not just for Pakistani designers but also Bollywood designers too. She exactly knows how to carry herself well and that’s what has been taking her all the way to reach the ultimate successes of her career. She has starred in Pakistani movies as well; where “Khuda kay Liye” was her major hit.

7. Mehwish Hayat:

One of the hottest beauties around in our media is none other than Mehwish Hayat. She is one internationally recognized beauty and to be precise, she has been rated in the top 10 charts for hottest and beautiful Asian actresses all over the world. That certainly is a great achievement to have and a proud factor for all Pakistani actresses. She has splendor beauty and is the pretty much multi-talented girl. She started off her career as a model and then stepped in the field of acting… taking ahead this, she has now started singing as well and seems pretty much passionate about her singing genre too! She has also starred in one of the blockbuster Pakistani movie, which is none other than “Jawani phir nahi aani”, which hit the silver screens all over the world, and moved the world through her exquisite attractiveness.

6. Maya Ali:

Maya Ali is another ravishing beauty, to be worth mentioning here in our list of top 10 charts. She is splendor in her looks and compelling through her acting expertise. She has also in a very less time has made her mark in the entertainment industry and has brightened up her name. Maya Ali got her breakthrough fame and came into the limelight when she appeared in the lead role for drama “Aik Nayi Cinderella” opposite Usman Khalid. That particular role clicked the right strings for her and there she is now… spreading her wings on the entire industry through her magnificence and acting skills. Apart from that Maya Ali is also performing as a VJ and model.

5. Ayesha Khan:

This entry in the list has to be my favorite. She is one versatile actress with grace and ultimate elegance. No one stands in her league and there isn’t a competition for her by far! She is stunning, gorgeous and compelling. Ayesha has always been playing the right cards for herself and exactly knows how to move about in this profession to gain respect and fame, at the same time. she has appeared in many television drama serials, whereas she got her breakthrough fame right from her first drama series “Mehndi”. Taking ahead her passion for acting; she ventured in multiple projects with a vast variety of exposures… she has travelled the world because of her profession and has gained the world over fame due to her marvelous and never dying beauty. It seems as if she is getting stylish and younger every passing day.

4. Ayeza Khan:

One of the stunning beauties found in Pakistan’s television industry is Ayeza Khan. We all know, how gorgeous she is… just by looking at her face, you can view her crystal clear heart! She is beautiful inside out and carries an amazing person. She is simple, yet elegant at the same time and through her tremendous acting expertise, she has reached the heights of fame in a very short time; the place only which layman can imagine or dream of. In the meanwhile, Danish got struck by her immense beauty and fell for her. They both tied the knot of happy marriage, and she had to take a short break from her acting career. But, enough for her fans… and there she is; back in the scene and is seen again in multiple drama series.

3. Sanam Baloch:

Third, on our list, we have none other than our very own Sanam Baloch, who comes with a Sindhi background and is super cute. She got her breakthrough fame from the very famous and epic drama serial “Daastaan”, which was on aired on HUM television network a few years back. She starred opposite to Fawwad khan and right from there, she got the most adventurous and passionate ride of her career. She appeared in “Daam” and “Dur-e- Shahwaar”, one of the strongest characters of her acting career. Presently she is engaged with morning shows through one of the prominent Television networks of Pakistan. Whereas, acting in dramas is what she’s doing side by side.

2. Sajal Aly:

Sajal Aly is another ravishing actress who has in a very short span of time made her place in the league. She is gorgeous, sleek and hot and looks super cute with her innocent looks. She has recently given a blockbuster hit in Bollywood screen and is surely an unstoppable girl. She aims high and wants to achieve all, through her versatile acting skills. She has performed in numerous dramas here in Pakistan television world, where “Chup Raho” and “Gul-e- Rana” are worth mentioning here.

1. Mahira Khan:

We have Mahira Khan topping our charts by swapping away number one position! She is one amazing actress, with a complete package. She is pretty, smart, sleek, hot and what not! And certainly due to her good looks and attractive persona, she has crossed the border fame and star studded in some Bollywood hits too. With every passing time; this gorgeous beauty is getting enhanced and refined, given us the notion of her persuasive persona and her passion towards her career. From any angle, she doesn’t look like a mommy of an adorable boy! She has showcased her amazing acting skills in the number of TV drama series and movies here.

She has got the huge fan following due to her amazing beauty, sparkling eyes and enchanting face; that doesn’t let the audience blink their eyes. Winding up our list, we have listed top 10 actresses on our list. Certainly, the charts don’t mean to rank them either lower or higher than anyone; but just an effort to recognized their commendable contribution to our Pakistani television industry.