Yeh Ishq Hai (Laaj) – APlus Drama Cast, Story, Timings and Schedule

Under the banner of Blue Entertainment, a beautiful telefilm Yeh Ishq hai – Laaj” is going to be played on Aplus these days. The Blue Entertainment is playing different short films under the name “Ye Ishq ha”. Every time one story ends in few episodes the next story starts. Viewers are liking this drama as every time fresh faces with the fresh plot is seen and it doesn’t take much longer to end a story. With the current fast pace of life, TV audience like the idea of fresh stories with quick ends and don’t want to wait for weeks and weeks to end it up. The last telefilm under
Ye Ishq ha was “Do Diloon Kay Darmiyan” was a beautiful love story played by actual married couple i.e. Sarwat Gillani & Fahad Mirza. A beautiful off screen couple showed their magic on screen as well.

Plot & Story

As the name suggests,” Yeh Ishq Hai – Laaj” is about love and emotions. Many other love stories with intense emotions and feelings about different relationships were already broadcasted as short telefilm under the series ‘Ye Ishq ha’. Every story had a different name. this time the name of the upcoming story is ‘Laaj’.

Much cannot be said about the Plot of the telefilm but the story that the promo reveals is about a poor girl and the bad luck of his life after marriage. A rich guy is in love with her which was played by Imran Ashraf but how the life played with both of them is yet to see in the drama. But surely this drama is about love, unfortunate events of life,
emotions, anger, depression and a life full of different colors.

Cast and Crew

The cast of this upcoming telefilm revolves around the role of gorgeous and talented Neelam Munir and the rising star of the industry, Imran Ashraf. The OST of the drama shows that the legend Irfan Khoosat is also part of this telefilm. Najia Baig is also part of this drama. The director of this telefilm is Zaheer UD Din and is produced by Erfan Ghanchi.

Timing & Schedule

The drama serial ‘Yeh Ishq Hai – Laaj” is on air on A-Plus Entertainment on weekend i.e. from Friday to Sunday at 9.00pm. Three back to back episodes is keeping the interest of the viewers. The first episode is going to be aired i.e.25th August 2018 on A-Plus.